Waterproof Stickers
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Waterproof Stickers

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Waterproof Stickers
Cheap & Delivered

Waterproof Stickers


Waterproof stickers are specially manufactured and printed so that they are able to withstand the water pressure and can be used at any place where there is moisture or any possibility of exposure to water. They are perfect for outdoor use as they are not affected by rain water or any other kind of moisture in the air. They also fit for use on water bottles or any other kind of liquid bottles due to their waterproofing qualities. Waterproof stickers can also be used to display on different vehicles for promotional purposes or for conveying the message to the public or just for sharing some thought. These are also displayed on outside of giant buildings for promotional or other kinds of displays. produce premium quality waterproof stickers on the high-quality stock which possess waterproof qualities. Our stickers neither lose their shape nor tear off even under high-pressure water conditions. We make use of permanent and fast colors and latest printing techniques which neither drip nor fade away and remain crisp and bright even if water spills on them. You can place them at any place without fear such as bathrooms. Kitchen, outside your door, office, cars, bikes, windows, etc. the protective gloss lamination gives a shiny look to these stickers. You can have them printed in any design, shape, color and size of your choice. There is no restriction. You can provide us with your design and we will print the sticker that will exactly match your design

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If you are looking for the printing of custom packaging boxes for your business or personal use and want some unique shapes and custom made packaging then, the packaging printed by us are made right for you.

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Product and service are very good. Would use again.

Yet another amzing job from Design Media Service! Their speed from order to delliveery was incredibly fast. Thanks again Design Media Service.

Fantastic Printing , On time Delivery, Well done Guys

Was a little apprehensive as placing order for 1000 leaflets, absolutely excellent service, they checked for me first, advised on potential issues with low resolution areas, order now received, excellent quality, price, and speed of service. Will use again. Well done Design Media Service.

Chris at Design Media Service has been so helpful. I needed to get some printing sorted without using there online system and he was so helpful and managed to get me proofs done very quickly, and was a great help in getting the work sorted for my client. I have used Design Media Service for a while now and would not look anywhere else. Great customer service and excellent quality with the prints.

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