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Waterproof Labels

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When you display labels on the jars or bottles, it is very important that they are waterproof and of high quality. Otherwise they will wash away with water leaving behind label less bottles and creating a bad impression of your product. Water proof labels are especially recommendable for liquid containing bottles such as wine, mineral water, juices, etc. The labels stick on your product bottles gives you plenty of room for conveying important information about your product and also to show off your brand logo. You can display the name of the liquid, the ingredients, its nutritional information in case of drinkable liquids, and all other important information.

So if you want your labels to keep fast to their place even if some liquid falls on them, order waterproof labels from us. Our labels are fabulous and waterproof. Even if there is some liquid spill over the label stickers, they will keep stick to their place without losing their colors and design. The reason for this fine quality is the superior quality paper or vinyl material and latest printing techniques, which gives permanent full color prints on the labels.

We go the extra mile you completely satisfied with our services. We will talk to you in detail about your design decisions and even give you our expert advice if it is required free of cost. More details can be acquired by talking to a member of our team in the chat box (bottom right) which is staffed 24/7 or you can give us a call.

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