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Clear Round Stickers

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Clear round stickers are exclusively and specifically printed on the transparent vinyl material which makes them clear. Clear round stickers are perfect choice for displaying on windows or glass surfaces such as windows of cars, houses, offices, shops etc. clear stickers are a great option when you want to view through the sticker, to the surface behind it. Clear round stickers are an excellent alternative to the die cut custom stickers as they might cost you bit more than other stickers. You can use the clear round stickers for your next big business event for the promotion of your product. You can stick them on your car screens or windows, on office windows or just display them on the windows of kids’ room for fun and to make them more colorful and attractive. For the purpose of easy promotion and marketing, you can use them as free giveaways to your customers or can stick them on the free gifts to give away to your clients on business event, for the promotion of your latest product or service.

At, we make use of superior quality; thick vinyl which sticks strongly to every surface it is applied and can be applied smoothly. The use of white ink in its printing gives an extra image clarity with popping effect to the clear round stickers. We provide full color printing on the stickers along with clear background and strong front or back adhesive. You can have the clear stickers according to your own design and size specifications at the most affordable rates.

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