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Nowadays expressing ones individuality is getting more and more difficult with the advent of social media making personal interactions obsolete. People simply don't have time to spend hours getting to know you; they will judge you more and more on what they can glean from a glance. The type of music you listen to says a lot about you, in todays world when people would rather listen to their ipod then to the people around them, who you listen to tells people who you are. In a world such as this BAND Stickers are the perfect way to express who you are.

We at understand your need to express yourself and offer you the best in BAND Stickers. We have readymade stickers available depicting your favourite bands with witty taglines to display your sense of humour along with your taste in music. They can be placed on virtually any surface, your notebooks, backpacks, laptops... absolutely anywhere.

We also offer for our customers some value added services in the same package. We provide free design help, free digital proof and free gloss or matte lamination for your stickers, along with free delivery within US.

Interested? Just talk to us, you can contact us via email, give us a call or even request a call back from our website. We have a ready stock of various bands for you to choose from. We offer a sample pack of stickers so you can observe the quality of our product and we can send you a digital copy so you look at the design, so don't hesitate to talk to us.

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