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You may order custom stickers to decorate the walls of the teenagers and adults alike, you could see them on the car bumpers. These stickers are used in movie quotes, statement, catchy slogans etc. you may find them to decorate doors and walls. They are available in a vast variety of shapes and colors and may easily capture the attention of the viewers. It is the main reasons why they are preferred by the advertising and consumer industry to obtain their message across. You may contact to order custom stickers and you’ll find a vast variety of stickers available.


Specifications Quantity / Prices
Material Colours Sides / Pages Lamination / Finish Type 500 1000 2000 3000 5000
Clear Vinyl
1.5 x 1.5 Inches - PVC Vinyl 
4 1 Gloss or Matte $ 235 $ 252 $ 285 $ 351 $ 460
Clear Vinyl
2.5 x 2.5 Inches - PVC Vinyl 
4 1 Gloss or Matte $ 247 $ 270 $ 316 $ 408 $ 542
Clear Vinyl
4 x 4 Inches - PVC Vinyl 
4 1 Gloss or Matte $ 291 $ 342 $ 445 $ 650 $ 941
Clear Vinyl
6 x 3 Inches - PVC Vinyl 
4 1 Gloss or Matte $ 287 $ 340 $ 446 $ 657 $ 974
Clear Vinyl
8 x 4 Inches - PVC Vinyl 
4 1 Gloss or Matte $ 300 $ 366 $ 498 $ 761 $ 1151
Clear Vinyl
8 x 4 Inches - PVC Vinyl 
4 1 Gloss or Matte $ 311 $ 382 $ 526 $ 812 $ 1225
White Vinyl
4 x 3.5 Inches- PVC Vinyl  
4 1 Gloss or Matte $ 264 $ 303 $ 379 $ 665 $ 889
White Vinyl
5.5 x 3 Inches- PVC Vinyl  
4 1 Gloss or Matte $ 272 $ 316 $ 404 $ 715 $ 974
White Vinyl
6 x 4 Inches - PVC Vinyl  
4 1 Gloss or Matte $ 290 $ 345 $ 456 $ 818 $ 1124


Moreover, if you have some particular designs in your mind, you’ll have to obtain a touch with a graphic designer in order to design the template for you. You may undertake this task on your own, particularly if you’re adept in graphic designing. Once you have the design template, then get in touch with us, we’re specialized in custom stickers. We will surely prepare and send you custom stickers in a couple of days. If you have desktop printer, then you may take print out of the design which you have created and then send over to get them gummed. It is very important that you may print out a proof copy in order to check and rectify any mistake.


Moreover, you may also opt for any material to order custom stickers, it is better if you opt for vinyl material. This plastic material is extremely tough and stands up the elements quite well. To apply them is a simple task. You may select any surface where you like to fix up the custom made stickers and clean the surface thoroughly with a sticky cloth to remove any traces of dirt or grime. After completing this task, peel off a bit of the backing paper and paste the sticker to the surface which you just cleaned.


You must select one of theme whose sizes and shapes to suit you and proceed to change the text and colors to place an order custom stickers online. If you wish, you may upload your personal designs and use them on the layout. You may also use the preview option in order to check the results. Once this task is completed and you’re sure that the result is as per your desires and liking, you must select the number of copies that you would like to receive.


Various options that we’re offering with high quality custom stickers

Free design help

Free digital proof

Free gloss or matte lamination

Free delivery and handling in USA

100% quality assurance and consumer satisfaction is guaranteed


Why is the best? the best online sticker printing company in USA, is offering high quality custom stickers at low rates not only in USA but also in different other countries. However, you may order custom stickers online to USA leading custom stickers company at cheap rates along with free shipping in all over the USA. So feel free to contact us via live chat or by numbers provided on the top of this page to custom stickers. Order now!

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